What does Read Ahead do?

At it’s core, Read Ahead is a simple, differentiated reading instruction tool designed to maximize a student’s reading time and easily blend into existing lessons.

Read Ahead is a web-based literacy tool that transforms any digital text into a guided reading activity that can be viewed on any screen size. Students or teachers can easily transform any digital text into a reading presentation in seconds. This means it can be used at ALL levels and classes for reading assignments on any subject.

Read Ahead skims the text and finds the key ideas for readers. Our Smart Skimmer is based on Artificial Intelligence that automatically chooses key words and phrases that will help readers get synapses firing off about concepts in passages before they read them. This front-loading technique is proven to help readers cross-reference, establish schema and make predictions.

In addition, Read Ahead also reinforces academic language by cross-referencing any wordlist with any content. Users can cross-reference any word list with relevant content like a NewsELA.com article to reinforce academic language and context.

It can also adapt to learners through authentic assessment by letting users choose key ideas and create reading presentations that can be compared by norms or criterion for adaptive adjustments to reading assignments and vocabulary reinforcement.

Read Ahead Explanation

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How does Read Ahead work so well?

  • Studies have shown that the amount of time spent reading correlates directly with reading comprehension ability and using Read Ahead increases the time that students spend actually reading.
  • Differentiated reading instruction is a broadly substantiated and accepted foundation of literacy instruction and Read Ahead differentiates reading instruction.
  • Read Ahead reinforces vocabulary and gains in vocabulary have been associated with gains in comprehension, while gains in comprehension have accompanied gains in vocabulary.
  • Inferencing and prediction are critical to the reading process and Read Ahead stimulates predictive inferences by presenting the key ideas before presenting the chunked text.


What sets Read Ahead apart is that it focuses readers on the act of reading. And it can be applied to new information that might have been published on the web today. Most importantly, a teacher using Read Ahead can help students at any grade level and across all subjects achieve twice the gains in reading motivation and reading comprehension.

Our competitors are the large selection of literacy and language arts tools on the market now. They say the answer to our literacy problem is to pepper digital textbooks with interactive worksheets and quizzes and flashy margins full of images and videos. These answers move students away from the act of reading. And lock them into static libraries of content.


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