A literacy breakthrough.

Part you. Part text. Part machine. All learning.

•    Block out distractions
•    Break down the text
•    Zoom in the key parts
•    Question the status quo

Keep readers reading

Read Ahead transforms any digital text into a guided reading activity in seconds. You can use Read Ahead with new web content that you want to read today and create engaging reading experiences across all levels and content areas.

Let readers choose

Read Ahead reinforces reading strategies and critical reading by inviting you to create your own reading presentations with custom word choices.  Our Wordlist tool lets you emphasize signal words or grammatical structures in any digital content you want to read. Arguing with our Smart Skimmer lets you show off your critical reading skills- rage against the machine.

Stick to the basics

Read Ahead reinforces vocabulary by manipulating the flow of words in your reading process- simulating the isolation of vocabulary recall during the reading process. By disrupting the usual presentation of text, Read Ahead emphasizes how vocabulary functions in and out of context.

Stimulate smart strategies

Read Ahead skims the text and finds the key ideas for you to get synapses firing off about concepts in passages before you read them. This front-loading technique is proven to help readers cross-reference, establish schema and make predictions.

Focus on the ACT of reading

We keep it simple and focus on the words. Black and white text. How readers move through a reading experience. What choices readers make when they read. Speaking of… have you read What we see when we read by Peter Mendelsund? Wow.

We are baffled by most of the literacy and language arts tools on the market now.

They say the answer to our literacy problem is to double down on how it’s always been done. Struggling to read well? They will highlight a passage and give you the grammatical rules– to read. Or, they will take you away from the act of reading altogether and pepper your reading experience with distractions like interactive worksheets and flashy margins full of images and videos. Our answer is to empower you to play with the flow of words.

Create an Open Reading Community

We invite you to create custom reading presentations and share your work with others. Browse public groups and public presentations to see how others read. Compare your reading experiences with readers across the world.

Read Ahead is a machine learner. The more we use it to make meaning, the more it will reflect a broader world view of literacy.

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