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“I have evaluated and observed the development and implementation of many reading programs. Never, however, have I found a program that equals Read Ahead in terms of its flexibility, accessibility, and integration of content delivery methods.”

Donna E. Alvermann, Ph.D.

The Omer Clyde & Elizabeth Parr Aderhold Professor in Education; UGA Appointed Distinguished Research Professor of Language & Literacy Education; Fellow, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research; Affiliate, Institute for African American Studies

“In my role as Editor-in-Chief for Tech Trends, a peer reviewed journal published by Springer and the Association for Educational Communication & Technology, I see many papers related to emerging trends for educational technology. Read Ahead stands out for its flexibility, usefulness, and strong theoretical foundation. I am also impressed to learn that you continue to analyze this tool beyond its potential to affect student outcomes and towards strategies for implementation in classrooms and supporting teachers’ needs as users. It seems that Read Ahead does a tremendous job of addressing the needs of both teachers and students.”

Daniel W. Surry. Ed.D.

Professor, Instructional Design & Development
Editor-in-Chief, TechTrends

“We need more tools with a solid evidence base from rigorous educational research. We are particularly impressed that the method for presenting content in Read Ahead has been shown to improve student outcomes for reading comprehension and motivation to read. Read Ahead also shows potential to help teachers more easily integrate our content into their lessons. We are in the business of making lesson planning and content delivery easier for over-worked teachers. By designing this tool to be device agnostic and LTI compatible, your company displays clear awareness of the needs of your users and potential partners like us.”

James Colandrea

CEO, Rourke Educational Media

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